Yvonne Marie Forster


                                                             Artist Statement


Over the last few years, my art work has been inspired through projects based around ecology and conservation. It's a subject I feel particularly passionate about. The research I do influences my understanding of ecology especially the effects of human activity on our planet. Being informed enables me to create work that I hope expresses and articulates an ever deepening awarness of these ramifications. I also continue to explore the historical impact of past out dated modes of Western value and belief systems, with its then intention to control and subdugate nature. By considering how such past ideologies have impacted our present perceptions in seeing the natural environment as 'other', illuminates both the subsequent and ongoing detrimental effects of our human alienation now. Embodying this impoverished state means, humans have greatly lost the capacity to connect and empathise with nature as a whole. The nature of human condition fettered by an insatiable appetite to consume, inadvertently has lead to our disconnection and dis-ease toward seeing ourselves as part of nature. The realities we  currently both experience and face.


Philosopher and conservationist Aldo Leopold stated in the 1940's, "If we fail to re-connect with nature, nature will suffer and humanity will suffer."

In my current practice I'm particularly interested in researching the cumulative effects of man made pesticide pollutants. And issues surrounding  ongoing exploitation of the Earths natural resources. A major part of my work consists of a series of mixed medium representations, that explore the effects on flora and fauna. The imagery conveying the impact of biodiversity loss within natural ecosystems.


By highlighting  the repercussions of human activity on the land, flora, fauna and people groups. My work aims to also draw attention to our individualised sense of tension between (abstracted) concern and a distracted sense of powerlessness in the face of global economic effects upon planet Earth.  


key questions I consider: "How can we become more accountable, reflective and aware of the strains our planet's eco-systems bear due to human activities?" and "How possible is it to imagine implementing an alternative way of sustaining the Earths natural resources from an informed, balanced perspective rather than the current unrestrained exploitation? 

Recent works, Altered Perceptions and Tropical Abstracts, are informed by the ideas in Rachel Carson's research work, The Silent Spring and George Monbiot's book, How Did We Get Into This Mess? Both authors explore the impact of human activity on the planet and wildlife species. Recently I have been particularly focused on investigating the effects of pesticides on wildlife.

George Monbiot's pertinent observation resonates, "These wounds are inflicted not only on the worlds wildlife but also on ourselves. Civilisation is but a flimsy dust sheet that we have thrown over our psyche rich in emotion and instinct shaped by the living planet."( ref - below)

As a multi-disciplined artist I enjoy the immersive process of experimenting with a variety of techniques and mediums such as acrylic paint, watercolour, pastel, charcoal, collagraph, lino-cut prints and photography. Combining and mixing mediums encourages me to explore and move beyond my comfort zones. Developing this ongoing open approach when working with new techniques is vital to my practice, as it creates space to intuitively respond in an expressive way. The medium becoming an extension of the ideas I want to communicate and the themes am interested in exploring. 

Creatively At Play!
From capturing micro detailed impressionistic representations of a flower to the immersive macro bold, expressive abstracts of a waterfall - ultimately my art is an attempt to convey a sense celebration and also a desire for a deeper connection to the natural world, through exploring and drawing on my interactions, perceptions and human experiences of nature.


Recent Gallery Exhibitions:

Tropical Abstracts, Halesworth County Library, Suffolk, UK,  2018

Our eARTh, Kunsthuis Contemporary Art Gallery, Craike, Yorkshire, UK, 2018 - 2019


Selected Charcoal drawing exhibition, The Cut Arts Centre, Halesworth, 2018


The Cut Open, The Cut Arts Center, Halesworth, UK, 2017/18

Perceptions of Nature, Halesworth County Library, Suffolk, 2017


Open Art Exhibition, Halesworth Gallery, 2017

Flourish, Espacio Gallery, Shoreditch, London, 2017.


Nature, Halesworth County Library, Suffolk, 2017

Halesworth Gallery, 100 feet Exhibiton, 2017


Sardines and Beer in Norwich 2017.

Natures View, Halesworth County Library, Suffolk, 2016

Ecology and Conservation, Solo Art Exhibition, URC Church, Quay St, Suffolk, 2016


Viewing Change, Halesworth Gallery, Suffolk. UK. 2016.

Over the last few years My work has sold in the Uk and abraod in Ireland, Sweden, Spain.


Past engagements. 

​2015-2018 I leada weekly art group in the local community through which members explored themes around their interests. Here we shared collaboratively and explored mediums, techniques and ideas. In 2017 we collaborated along side The World Land Trust, to create cards from art works. Enabling us to raise funds for a WLT Amazon appeal.The group was able to exhibit works locally over this time.

Ongoing Development.

Researching the impact of industrialisation and pollution upon nature.

CAVA distinction in Art and Design 2011. Lowestoft College​ Suffolk


BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 2014. Arts & Humanities, University Campus, Suffolk.


Course in pastel portraiture 2015, Wensum Lodge, Norwich.

English Language Literature course Wensum Lodge , Norwich.


Book Ref; Monbiot.George. pg 89, 2017, How Did We Get Into This Mess ? Verso, London, UK& Brooklyn, NY.